Does Clover Accept EBT?

Clover is one of the most recognizable names in small business payment processing. Clover lets you decide on your business’s services and the payment processing equipment and software that works for you. But does Clover accept EBT? Is there a learning curve for how to use EBT on Clover? Is there a Clover EBT app? If you need payment processing for your store, Clover EBT processing might be the answer. But first, what’s EBT?

What Is EBT?

EBT, or electronic benefits transfer, is the method states distribute assistance funds for food and household necessities. Each state issues its EBT card for resident recipients. These cards only come with the functionality of a magnetic stripe, or magstripe, and work just like a traditional debit or credit card. Whenever a cardholder swipes their EBT card for an eligible purchase, they’ll input their identification number, or PIN, to complete the purchase. EBT cards are processed through the Quest payments network, and Quest must be online for EBT transactions to be complete.

In 2004, the historic food stamp program completed the switch from paper, mailed vouchers, or “stamps,” to entirely electronically disbursed benefits. The food stamp program became the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) this same year. Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) benefits are also disbursed via electronic benefits transfer. SNAP and TANF benefits are loaded onto the same EBT card — SNAP on the “food side” and TANF on the “cash side.” Program participants can use their cards at any merchants that accept EBT and even at automated teller machines (ATMs) to retrieve benefits from the cash side of the card.

EBT Merchant Services With Bankcard

Your first step to accepting EBT cards and SNAP payments at your store begins with USDA FNS registration and acceptance. Apply at the Food and Nutrition Services website, and once you receive your SNAP permit, reach out to Bankcard to get your point-of-sale (POS) equipment ready to accept EBT and SNAP payments.

Bankcard specializes in EBT merchant services accounts. You can begin accepting SNAP payments immediately with our EBT payment experts and welcome your entire community to shop locally at your store.

What Is the Food Stamp Program and How Does It Work?

The historically referenced Food Stamp Program is now the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP. The federal government funds the program. It helps low-income families and individuals who meet the eligibility criteria a way to supplement their income so more of their cash can go to household necessities like rent, rather than having to choose between bills and food. Many families with low incomes choose less healthy foods to stretch their budgets.

In the past, food stamps were provided as paper stamps or coupons that looked like “paper money.” Paying with these paper stamps had a two-fold issue:

  1. Stores had to collect them, send them in, and wait to be reimbursed, which often took a while.
  2. Customers were announcing to the store, the clerk, and every shopper in the same checkout that they were paying with food stamps — which added to the shame many people already felt about state assistance.

Today’s electronic benefits transfer programs provide recipients with a plastic card that works just like a traditional debit or credit card. Recipients receive their allotted monthly disbursements and can use the card at SNAP-participating supermarkets, farmers’ markets, and even online grocers such as Amazon Pantry and Walmart.

What Is Clover?

Clover by First Data is an all-in-one payment processing solution popular with retail businesses. Is it the right solution for your EBT card processing needs? Does Clover accept EBT? This processor does accept EBT, and clients need to learn how to use EBT on Clover.

Clover stands out the most for its easy setup and huge app market of integrations, such as the Clover EBT app. Every account has tons of features for tracking revenue and inventory, and you can even offer your customers physical or digital gift cards on some Clover plans.

If you like the idea of the convenience this provider offers, Clover might be for you. But if you want a less expensive, more transparent payment processing method, other options, like Bankcard, provide improved flexibility.

Clover Supports Electronic Benefits Transfer Transactions

Many of Clover’s customers choose this payment processor for its ease of use and all-in-one functionality. Some even compare Clover to Square in terms of its flexibility. While Clover might be the answer for some businesses, you need to know if it’ll work for you. With customers’ payment preferences evolving, knowing you can accept the payment type your customers want to use is essential.

When deciding between EBT merchant account solutions, you likely have a few questions, such as:

  • Does the merchant services provider offer equipment that’s compatible with your existing equipment?
  • Does the merchant services provider offer the ability to accept multiple payment methods, such as EBT or mobile wallets?
  • Can you get all types of payment cards?
  • Does Clover accept EBT?
  • How to use EBT with Clover?
  • How much does it cost?

Let’s take a look.

Did you know? Bankcard offers everything you need to get set up to accept EBT payments in your store — all the equipment and support you need for a low flat monthly fee and no transaction fees.

Bankcard EBT Merchant Account Features

Our program is designed to make running your business easier and open your doors to customers paying with EBT cards. Why do companies choose us? It’s simple:

  • Free Equipment. Never pay any equipment leasing fees. 
  • 24/7 Support. No matter what you need or when you need it, Bankcard has your back. 
  • Predictable Costs. Never worry about fluctuating EBT merchant services fees. 
  • Unlimited Transactions. It doesn’t matter how often you accept an EBT card as payment. Unlimited transactions are included! 
  • Simple Application. You won’t sign your life away when applying for an EBT merchant account with Bankcard. We make it easy to accept EBT cards in your store. 
  • Online Reporting. Every bit of your transaction history is just a few clicks away. 
Get approved for a high risk merchant account fast!

What Features Are Necessary to Track Your EBT Transactions?

EBT cards are issued by Quest. Not all POS systems are set up for EBT transactions. Other systems can utilize workarounds and integrate better than other systems. Either way, when considering “does Clover accept EBT?” tracking your EBT transactions depends on a few aspects of the point-of-sale Machine you use:

  • Does it allow you to add EBT as a payment type?
  • Does it allow you to run reports that provide EBT transaction information separate from other sales?
  • Is tagging or categorizing EBT-eligible items supported? Is it an easy task?

Some POS systems are flexible regarding the types of payments you can accept, while others don’t support tagging and categorizing items. This is one of the most critical items you need to know before settling on an EBT payment processing software.

Another essential feature for your business — and your customers — is the ability to split tenders. For instance, a customer brings their cart to checkout and wants to purchase several items — some items are food, while others might be things such as pet food, paper towels, or cleaning supplies. Customers with SNAP benefits want to be able to pay for the food with the SNAP benefits on their EBT card and then pay cash for the remaining items in one transaction. Having to separate items in checkout and perform more than one transaction is difficult for your employees and customers.

How to Use EBT With Clover

Does Clover accept EBT? It sure does. If you’re a Clover customer, accepting EBT payments begins by setting up one of these Clover options:

  • Clover Mini
  • Clover Flex
  • Clover Mobile

But does Clover accept EBT with all its machines and apps? Clover Go and Clover Station aren’t compatible with EBT payments. Using the Clover EBT app, add EBT to your system as one of your accepted payment methods. Then you can process and track your EBT payments with your other payment methods and sales. You can accept just EBT cash payments, EBT SNAP payments, or both.

With your Clover account, you can also accept:

  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Prepaid debit cards
  • Mobile wallet payments

Some of the most common complaints from Clover customers include:

  • Fees that weren’t disclosed
  • Contracts aren’t negotiable
  • Functionality and features that don’t work as promised

EBT Payment Processing With an EBT Merchant Services Account

The electronic benefits transfer (EBT) system allows state welfare departments to issue benefits via a magstripe card. EBT card payments accounted for an incredible $60 billion in sales in 2018.

EBT cards are similar to debit cards in that they are assigned to a specific individual and require a PIN to access funds. One key difference between EBT cards and debit cards is that individuals can add money to a debit card, either at their bank, via ACH payment, reloading options at participating stores, or online by transferring funds from one bank account into another. On the other hand, only the benefit issuing agency has the authority to add funds to an EBT card. Processing an EBT card payment is much the same as processing debit card payments — you ring up the sale (being careful that there are no disallowed items included for SNAP purchases), the EBT cardholder swipes the card, inputs their PIN, and the funds are taken from their card and put into a holding account for your business. Within a couple of business days, you receive the sale proceeds in your business’s bank account.

If the question, “Does Clover accept EBT?” weighs on your mind, you can rest assured. Opening your doors to accepting EBT payments allows you to grow your business while providing EBT customers access to your goods and services.

EBT Credit Card Processing Fees With Bankcard

We offer 100% Transparent Pricing. EBT card processing with Bankcard means:

  • $75/Machine. One Flat Monthly Fee
  • $0/Unlimited. NO Transaction Fee
  • $0. NO Batch/Settlement Fee
  • $0. No Annual Fee
  • $0. No Setup Fee
  • $0. NO Cancellation Fee

If you wondered, “Does Clover accept EBT?”, you’re switching providers, or you’re just getting started, we can help grow your business with simplified EBT payment processing.

When EBT, SNAP, WIC, and TANF recipients can come into your store, securely use their benefits, and enjoy a positive experience, the health and well-being of your entire community benefits. Bankcard can help you eliminate the barriers to EBT acceptance and build a brighter future for your area. Contact our highly-trained staff about what we can do for you today.

Partnering With Bankcard for EBT Payment Processing

It’s hard to understand all the different payment terminology and equipment available, much less decide on the EBT payment processing equipment you need to make it happen. Navigating EBT cards and SNAP payments is complicated, and we’re here to help.

If you’re a Clover customer that wants a payment processing partner who’s on your side and offers excellent rates, contact Bankcard. We can help you put together the right payment stack for your business.