6 Benefits of Integrated Payment Partner Programs

All businesses need to have a form of payment processing to be able to accept payments from their customers. You need a payment processing platform you can rely on and that your sales teams can trust. What if there was a way you could take control and streamline your customers’ payment processing? With integrated payment processing, you can link your accounting software directly with payment processing. By joining an integrated payment partner program, you can direct your customers and sales teams to this provider for their payment needs to continue scaling your business and serving end-users with your software or service.

As a partner, you can refer your customer accounts to a merchant service provider to handle all of their payment processing needs. To help keep their businesses up and running and generate more sales, your customers will have access to payment processing equipment, training, on-boarding, support, and more. Even better, you can make money each and every time one of your referrals becomes an approved merchant and is signed up for payment processing with the merchant services provider. Participating in an integrated payment partner program is beneficial to both you and your customers in many ways.

Benefit #1: Additional Revenue Stream

When you become a partner with Bankcard Services, you can add an additional revenue stream to your company simply by getting others to sign up for the tools they need to start accepting payments from customers. Depending on which partnership model you choose, you will receive revenue each time you refer a company who signs up for the services. With BankCard Services, those in a referral program will automatically receive up to $500 when a new account is referred to the merchant service provider. Other partnerships (such as agent and ISO partnerships) have an opportunity for even higher revenue.

Benefit #2: Vast Selection of Products

As an integrated payment processing partner, you and your customers will enjoy a variety of payment solutions. The partnered merchant service provider will help set up all of your customers’ payment processing equipment and capabilities, including:

  • Payment terminal
  • Payment gateway
  • Mobile payment solutions
  • Check and eCheck processing
  • EBT payment processing

Even better, your software merchant accounts can mix-and-match solutions to best meet their business needs. With a POS system, checkouts become a breeze. Your customers will enjoy automated payment processing that enhances the overall customer experience. With a better customer experience comes greater word-of-mouth marketing, which also translates into better online reviews. Your ability to simplify the transaction process is key to ensuring customers have positive sentiment towards your brand.

Mobile payment solutions ensure your customers can complete transactions on the go—no more having to direct a customer online or to a different location. With mobile payment processing, they can complete the transaction on the spot and in less than a minute. This is what true customer service is all about, and is definitely a benefit worth mentioning as a credit card processing agent.

Benefit #3: Open API

BankCard Connect offers multiple ways for merchants and software developers to integrate their own POS systems with our payment processing tools within a website or mobile device. There are a variety of API integration options, including: transaction request API integrations, transaction retrieval API integrations, and turnkey shopping cart integrations.

Benefit #4: Security

You shouldn’t burden yourself with worrying about protecting your customers’ personal information and data, and neither should your software sales teams. As an integrated payment partner, customers’ credit card and payment information are protected by today’s latest security practices. They will enjoy bank-level security for technologies and APIs. They will also find comfort in knowing they are achieving PCI compliance. This is a great way to establish trust and credibility with customers. It’s also a great benefit to highlight when you are securing referrals and encouraging your customers to get started with payment processing.

Benefit #5: Customer Support

Just the same as your customers want to lean on you for support, you’ll also want to lean on your integrated payment partner. With BankCard Services, you’ll enjoy superior 24/7 customer support, which ensures you can keep your payment processor up and running. This will keep your business running smoothly and allow you to better serve your customers. The support you gain from us is the same support your customers will receive when they sign up for our services.

Benefit #6: Comprehensive Training

Our customer support begins the first day of service. With our live, on-demand training, your sales representatives will be equipped to get started with payment processing and understand how to utilize the equipment. This live training is available for both merchant accounts and software vendors. You and your customers can even enjoy the ability to test your transactions in a sandbox environment where you’ll receive real-time responses.

Ultimately, an integrated payment processing partner leads to enhanced forecasting. When you don’t have an integrated payment system, processing, accounting, and other financial tasks all exist separately. With an integrated system, these transactions stay together in a centralized database, allowing you to easily track where your money is going and how it’s being spent. This enhanced visibility across your finances leads to better forecasting. Are you ready to partner with a payment processing partner? Now is the time to highlight your business as an industry leader in payment processing, and it starts with becoming an integrated payment partner.

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