6 Reasons Your Business Should Have a Mobile POS

Give your team the freedom to “roam about the cabin,” so to speak, by turning a mobile phone or tablet into a POS with the addition of a “dongle” credit card reader. Depending on your technology and equipment, you may even be able to skip the dongle all together and connect via bluetooth.

While not as robust as full-fledged POS systems, mobile POS and credit card processing systems offer many benefits to businesses that are well worth considering. The more you understand about mobile POS systems and credit card payment processors, the more reasons you’ll have to consider adopting them for your business.

The six reasons below are only the beginning. Once you start using a mobile POS, you’re sure to wonder how you ever got along without one.

1. Allows Cash-Only Businesses to Accept Credit Cards

Mobile POS systems offer fast and easy payment processing option for businesses that do not typically accept credit card payments, like:

  • Food trucks
  • Farmers markets
  • Craft emporiums

Essentially any business that has not traditionally accepted credit cards is now able to do so, thanks to mobile POS credit card processing systems.

2. Frees Your Staff from Behind the Counter

Mobile technology for POS systems allows your staff to move freely throughout your store. This provides greater opportunities for improved customer service and more sales in the process. Why does this freedom of movement matter so much? It allows your staff to do all the following for your customers:

  • Make recommendations
  • Suggest alternatives for fit or flattery
  • Check product inventory and availability
  • Answer product questions

As you can see, it presents the powerful opportunity for a greater customer service focus for your entire business. This results in more sales and happier customers. It’s great for your business all around.

3. Email Receipts and Collect Email Information

Not only does this allow you opportunities to build up your email list, but it also helps you ensure your customers never need to worry about lost receipts. If something happens, they can simply print the receipt from their email and return the item.

The fantastic news for you is that this offers opportunities to create and encourage customer loyalty programs. And to allow customers to track their progress toward specific goals. It’s ideal for building loyal customers who return to your business frequently.

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4. Reduces Errors

In many industries, mobile POS systems can be instrumental in reducing errors throughout the business day. From checking prices of merchandise that has misplaced tags or stickers in retail shops to inputting orders directly at the table to ensure accuracy in restaurants, there are numerous ways mobile POS systems help you get things right the first time.

Plus, when you’re closing out the day, there are fewer opportunities for data entry errors because all the information is digitized. It makes the paperwork infinitely easier.

5. Increased Security

Because mobile POS and credit card processing systems must follow PCI guidelines or include EMV technologythe security on these systems is first rate. If you’re going to take advantage of this type of technology, you must use a secure wireless network with data encoding across the entire network and when your devices communicate with the server.

This ensures the security of your information as well as the information of your customers, who you are responsible for securing once they’ve trusted your business with their personal and financial information.

6. Improves Overall Customer Experiences

Improving the customer experience is one of the most important things you can do for the sake of your business. Adopting a mobile POS for credit card processing affords you abundant opportunities to do just that by decreasing wait times, improving efficiency, coming to your customers rather than waiting for them to go to you, and by offering more personalized service throughout the life cycle of the sales experience.

Mobile POS and credit card processing might sound like something new and foreign, but the opportunities it represents for your business should not be dismissed lightly. In fact, it could transform your business by creating a more customer-focused workplace.

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