What Is the Best Payment Processor for Adult Sites?

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If you have a business in the adult entertainment industry, you have probably already encountered challenges processing customer payments. Many companies don’t want to become adult merchant account providers because they consider it a high-risk industry. That likely means you need to find a payment service open to working with adult sites, webcam sites, dating sites, and e-commerce stores selling adult toys.

The following article will help you learn more about the features you should expect from the best payment processors for adult sites. You will also learn about some companies that do and don’t work with the adult industry. Finally, you will get answers to common questions so you can save time and make informed decisions that will help your online business grow.

The need for adult payment processing solutions

Unsurprisingly, there has always been a lot of adult content on the internet. Pornography has often helped pay for technological advancements. When videotapes became available to consumers, adult movies fueled the industry’s early growth. As more mainstream movie production companies embraced home viewing, the adult industry lost much of its market share.

Later, the same happened with cable television. More recently, it happened to adult content on the internet. These days, the internet offers so many diverse services and types of content that it doesn’t rely as heavily on the adult industry to pay for maintenance and improvements.

Adult sites still influence how the internet evolves, though. When the COVID-19 pandemic forced strip clubs to close, many found innovative ways to generate revenues. Virtual reality dancing and webcam streams filled the niche while helping businesses stay afloat.

Similarly, the pandemic forced a lot of people out of their jobs. Plenty turned to streaming sites so they could support themselves without getting exposed to the virus.

Since money is at the heart of so many of these endeavors, it makes sense for performers, small businesses, and big names in the industry to choose the best payment processor for adult sites.

You might immediately think about using a popular online payment processor like Stripe. The question is, does Stripe allow adult content? You will learn more about that below. Just keep in mind that Zenti can fill your payment processing needs even when other companies turn you away.

Top payment processing features for adult entertainment businesses

The best payment processors for adult sites will typically let you start an adult payment gateway that securely processes diverse payment methods, including credit and debit cards. Zenti offers an adult payment gateway similar to those used for businesses in other high-risk industries. Zenti can also help you add chargeback prevention to your customer support process.

When you choose the best payment processor for adult sites, look for the following features.

Plenty of payment processing options

Your customers will probably want to use a variety of payment methods, so it makes sense that the best payment processors for adult sites can accommodate that desire. Ideally, your payment processor can accept:

  • Credit card payments from popular companies like Visa and Mastercard
  • Debit cards
  • Bank account transfers
  • ACH electronic transfers

The more options you have, the more customers you can potentially attract.

Zenti works with six card types:

  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Mastercard
  • JCB
  • Discover
  • Diners Club

Those are the same credit cards that Stripe processes. The difference is that Stripe doesn’t allow adult content payment processing.

Payment verification

In-store credit card processing is reasonably secure because you can ask customers to enter their PINs and verify their identities. Online credit card payments have higher risks because you can’t do those things through your website. You can, however, rely on the best payment processors for adult sites to verify payment information.

Online adult credit card processing that uses a high-risk payment gateway can verify that customers have access to enough funds to cover the charges. They can also require information such as the credit card’s expiration date, CVV, and owner’s full name.

Data encryption

Data breaches can ruin a company’s reputation. The best payment processors for adult sites provide payment gateways that encrypt all payment information. It protects your customers, helps your business thrive, and lowers the number of chargebacks from stolen accounts.

Rapid deposits

Payment processors require different amounts of time after checkout to get money into your account. Zenti offers next-day deposits. Some high-risk payment processors take up to five days.

Affordable prices

What’s the point of choosing the best payment processors for adult sites if the decision costs you a lot of money? Zenti helps you control costs by charging:

  • $0 setup fee — you even get a free mobile credit card reader or point-of-sale (POS) terminal
  • $0 per month credit card fee
  • A flat $0.08 per credit card transaction (most companies charge a per-transaction fee and a percentage of the sale)
  • $10 per month for your monthly gateway
  • $0.10 per gateway transaction fee
  • $0.00 cancellation fee

Compare these prices to other payment processors. You will find that Zenti has some of the lowest prices, especially among companies that work with high-risk industries.

API integration with your other tools

Ideally, your payment processor will integrate with the other tools you use to manage your company. Zenti uses API integration that coordinates with hundreds of tools, including the software you use to manage online content, track payments, and balance your accounts.

Knowing how to spot the best payment processors for adult sites will help your business succeed. Still, you probably have many questions about your industry, payment options, and what to expect from processors.

The following questions should give you more of the information you need to take a smart approach to building your business.

What counts as an adult site?

  • Run a dating service that helps people connect online.
  • Operate an e-commerce store that sells sex toys and similar products.
  • Show pictures of people in erotic positions or clothing (erotic doesn’t always mean nude or sexual).

The definition of “adult site” can differ considerably from company to company. Some payment processors only consider your business an adult site if your content depicts people in sexual situations. You don’t have to provide adult films to count as an adult site, though. You might need to get an adult merchant account because you:

You could be counted as an adult site just for posting artful photographs that include nudity.

When other payment processors reject your application or want to charge extremely high fees, you can count on Bankrate to help your online business thrive.

Does Stripe allow adult content payment processing?

No, Stripe doesn’t allow adult content payment processing. For reasons it doesn’t explain, Stripe doesn’t want any connections to the adult industry. That’s unfortunate because many people like Stripe’s ecosystem of products. You can find more information about why Stripe doesn’t allow adult content payments on its website. Quite frankly, though, the explanation doesn’t say much.

If you somehow manage to get started with Stripe, you might find that the company closes your account suddenly.

Does PayPal process payments for adult content or adult products?

You can potentially use this popular online payment processor for a variety of adult services, including webcam activities and video on demand (VOD).

Don’t assume that it’s the best payment processor for adult sites, though. You must get the company’s approval before using it for adult products and services. According to PayPal, it might need to restrict use depending on jurisdictional laws. At least the company is open to it, which is a positive sign for business owners looking for a reliable adult payment processor. It’s certainly better than Stripe, which doesn’t allow adult content of any type.

How do you add a payment processor to your adult site?

If you use an existing platform like OnlyFans, you probably don’t need to worry about this too much. Established websites will help you set up your account and payment processing. They probably already have strategies in place so you can start making money immediately.

What if you don’t want to share your income with a major platform, though? In that case, you will need to get more involved in setting up one of the best payment processors for your adult site.

Start by evaluating payment gateway services that enjoy working with the adult industry. You already know that Stripe doesn’t allow adult content; therefore, you can skip that option.

Once you know which payment gateway you prefer, you need to set it up on your website. Depending on the CMS you use, you might already have an integration that connects Zenti to your website. If that isn’t an option for you, you can reach out to Zenti for assistance. Many times, it just involves using the proper API to integrate the best payment processors into your adult site.

Does Authorize.net process payments for adult sites?

Authorize.net will serve some adult websites. It depends on what types of services and products you provide. The company prefers not to work with websites that earn money through streaming videos.

There is some flexibility with Authorize.net, which could potentially make it a payment processor to explore. It isn’t like Stripe, which doesn’t allow adult content. Then again, it isn’t as flexible as Zenti. The option you choose depends on your business model. Keep in mind, though, that Zenti charges lower fees than Authorize.net. Those fees add up over time, so do the math to see how much you can save by choosing Zenti.

It’s always in your best interest to make an informed decision.

How do I process credit card payments online?

For the most part, credit card companies don’t get involved in what their customers buy. It’s the processors that want to avoid high-risk industries that tend to have a lot of chargebacks and disputes.

The best way to accept credit card payments is to choose the best payment processor for your adult site. That way, you can securely process those payments and lower the risk of chargebacks interfering with your business plans.

Start processing payments for adult sites with Zenti

Zenti strives to serve high-risk industries while keeping our prices as affordable as possible and maintaining excellent standards.

If you’re still looking for the best payment processor for adult sites, reach out to Zenti to learn more about how we can help.