Shopify + CBD + = ?

Shopify merchants can now enable Pay on their online storefronts

  • The platform allows merchants to receive instant cryptocurrency payments from users around the world with no transaction fees.
  • Customers can get up to 10% in crypto-cashback Pay Rewards when they check out with the Cronos token (CRO).

The exchange cut its rewards earlier this month

  • Rewards for the top Obsidian tier (people who locked at least $400,000 worth of crypto in a staking program) were dropping from 8% to 2% in one month, and down from 1% to nothing at the lowest tier

The decision, explained by Marszalek as necessary to “move closer to the long-term sustainability of their card program,” was revised the next day.

  • Shoppers who have store cards use them for 87% of all eligible purchases, but this doesn’t mean retailers should boot buy now, pay later (BNPL) options from checkout.

But what we’re wondering is how could this scale-out for companies looking to sell CBD on Shopify?

In a move to make it easier for customers and sellers of goods online, is offering 0% settlement fees on all purchases made through their platform from now until June 30th as an introductory offer! This means that if you’re using Shopify (or another store hosted by someone else), then this could be just what your business needs – no more high-cost transactions with other services while still being able to provide great customer service thanks in part because we have access not only traditional bank cards but also payment methods like cryptocurrencies which many companies don’t typically support let alone allow them to advertise openly around products., a company that allows users to make cryptocurrency payments with no transaction fees and earn up to 10% cashback when they check out using Cronos token (CRO), has recently announced its partnership with Crypto Payments Inc., which will allow merchants around the world accept instant payment solutions exclusively via CRP tokens on any online platform or app where customers already shop primarily utilizing fiat currencies like dollars or euros instead of crypto ones such as Bitcoin(BTC). Pay offers a service that integrates with Shopify in just minutes, and there are no setup costs for merchants who sign up to use it! You can now access tokens from Bitcoin all the way down through Cronos (a cryptocurrency launched this year).’s exchange cut its rewards earlier this month, watching the price of their CRO token drop 11% in two hours and more than 22%. The Obsidian tier (people who locked at least $400k worth), was reduced from 8% down to 0%, while the oldest customers were given a 6-month grace period before they will no longer receive any payments or benefits associated with being an existing customer – meaning that if you’ve been holding onto your coin since last year when it first went live on our platform; now might be time for some serious reduction!